Purposeful Kingdom Equipping & Empowerment

Ezramiah Mission

We are convinced that ‘the man’ was created in God’s image and likeness, to colonize, develop and administer the earth on God’s behalf. In this regard, every person MUST:

1. Come into a Personal Relationship with God, Growing in Understanding, Love and Intimacy for and with his/her Maker;

2. Discover and affirm his/her Purpose & Calling, Actionize it, and contribute to the process of the;

3. Establishment of “God’s LOVE, WILL and KINGDOM on Earth”.

This persuasion informs what we do and we are VERY PASSIONATE about it, knowing that we are contributing to the Kingdom Agenda.

We cherish and value are relationship with all other Kingdom actors, knowing that it is with and through unity, that the Body of Christ can truly and meaningfully exercise its KINGDOM INFLUENCE, MANDATE & AUTHORITY.

We look forward to hearing, collaborating and working with you.

Our Vision

“we envision a world, where everyone has had the opportunity of hearing about Jesus Christ and choosing to follow Him, and of a united Body of Believers, consisted of an ecclesia, knowing their mandates and manning their gates on every stratum of the mountain of God and life, and contributing to the Kingdom of God finding expression on earth”.

Our Mission

Our assignment is “to be and remain as a Holy Spirit-filled and led entity, professionally operated and growing, proactive and cooperating with relevant stakeholders, bringing purposeful equipping to the Ecclesia, utilizing productive development tools and methods, towards purposeful and ‘trans-maturing’ empowerment.”

To this end we design, develop and deploy SMART programs and solutions:

  • S: Spiritual & Systematic
  • M: Meaningful & Measurable
  • A: Altruistic & Actionable
  • R: Results-oriented & Rigorous
  • T: Transforming & Time-honored

Our Creed

  • Trinity of the God head and tripartite nature of man
  • Jesus is the ONLY way to God (Jehovah/Yahweh) through Grace which is affirmed by our deeds
  • The Holy Spirit, His gifts, guidance, helps and empowerment
  • The Canon Bible as the final authority of God’s Word to man
  • The Canon Bible as the source and validator of eternal TRUTHS and principles