Purposeful Kingdom Equipping & Empowerment

Life Purpose Discovery & Planning

Are you struggling with an unclear sense of purpose or direction in life, or how to practically plan and execute your life purpose or calling?

We are able to help and work with you.

We provide Biblically sound and practical training to help you discover and affirm your Life Purpose, Plan and pursue (actionize) it.

Benefits/value of knowing and living a Life of Purpose:

  • One lives a focused life; you are not distracted, knowing you have a destination and higher goal ahead of you.
  • One lives a life on contentment; you are satisfied, knowing you are on track, you don’t get pushed into zones outside your Calling.
  • One lives a happy and fulfilling life; doing the things which fit your design makes you productive, happy and more impactful.

How We Do It

Offered mainly through:

  • Practical Capacity Development Workshops, Seminars and Training
  • Pragmatic Expositions (Presentations, Teachings, etc.).