Purposeful Kingdom Equipping & Empowerment

Registered Soul Center

Ezramiah Mission is a registered affiliate (Soul Center) with the Christian Leaders Alliance of the Christian Leaders Institute based in US.

Thus as an entity, we draw inspiration from and abide by regulations of a well recognized body and are also accountable to a higher authority.


Collaborating and working with other persons or organizations who share and respect our belief and mandate, is one of our key ethos.

To this end, we are open to working with like-minded individuals and organizations to jointly promote the Kingdom of God and to empower Believers unto greater impact.

Do you have ….

an idea

Volunteer – Intern – Part-timer (V.I.P)

Volunteers are welcomed to contribute in any way possible in our pursuit. It can be one-time or an ongoing basis.

Currently we are looking for an Accounting/Bookkeeping Volunteer

Students seeking internship opportunities are also welcomed.

For those who want to help, but have irregular schedules, they are always welcome on board as part-timers and this can be with administrative duties or events.

Attend an event

Another way you can support us is by participating in an event.

Please contact us for up to date information on upcoming events