Purposeful Kingdom Equipping & Empowerment

We render standard, customized and co-created services regarding the solutions listed below.

Life Purpose Discovery & Planning

Knowing and affirming your Purpose & Calling in life is priceless, and has priceless benefits. Using scripture, Biblically sound knowledge and fitting learning approaches, we guide participants to uncover and affirm for themselves, the assignment they have been birthed, designed and shaped for. We go further to help participants develop a plan that guides them in the pursuit of that Life Mission.

Life Coaching

Coaching is not counselling nor mentoring, rather more of guidance and accountability system serving to supervise, motivate and empower individuals (Read More) to live a goal-oriented life. Coaching helps one to learn by him/herself, but in a more safer context and avoiding costly mistakes. Using this approach we and our partners guide participants to identify, plan, pursue and achieve various life goals.

Ministry Development

Functional Ministry is an important means for the implementation of many life missions. Thus, the need for the right structures, systems and processes to ensure success can not be overemphasized. Working with partners, we help Ministries develop, asses, strategize and work towards enhanced growth and maximum impact.

Marketplace Solutions

Our Purpose & Callings extends beyond the four walls of the church to every sector of society. And to excel in our endeavours we need critical skills and to continuously improve our competencies; this is the essence of this service. We bring specific equipping solutions to those called into the Marketplace sharpening their skills for success.