Purposeful Kingdom Equipping & Empowerment

Tools & Models

This refers to the specific techniques, strategies and approaches we use in the actual delivery process. Generally we have Fundamental, Delivery-Specific and Subject/Topic-Specific Tools and Models.

Fundamental Tools & Models

These encompasses prerequisite foundations from our Creed and Ethos. And they form the foundational basis for all and any service or solution we design, develop and deliver.

1. Spiritual Tools & Models

a. Prayer and Fasting

Every service/solution is prepared and delivered through the womb and medium of intensive Fasting and Prayers, which is one of our core creeds as an organization.

b. The Word of God

The Word of God serves not only as inspiration in guiding the organization, but the insights and lessons from the Bible are also used in the delivery of the service. The Bible is a rich resource we consult to prepare and deliver our services and solutions.

c. The Holy Spirit

As our Chief Helper and Partner, we always and ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings, events, etc. His presence helps both the deliverer to speak in clear simple terms and the receiver to get full and even better import from the delivery.

2. Apropos Professional & Ethical Tools & Models

a. Professional Tools & Models

All service and solution delivery demands the need to observe standard professionalism such as Timeliness, Hard Work, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Authenticity, Adaptability, Team Work, Accountability, Integrity, etc.

b. Ethical Tools & Models

Regarding some services, aside standard professional ethics, extra ethical standards must be met. An example is with Coaching, this demands high level of Confidentiality, Privacy & Anonymity.


Delivery-Specific Tools

For every approach to be used in delivering a service, there are specific tools we do employ.

For example different tools and approaches are used during an in-person Coaching session and an online Coaching session.

Similarly, the approach used in a Life Purpose Planning Workshop is different from Strategic Youth Ministry Development Workshop.

Subject/Topic-Specific Tools

In cases where a service and its subject/topic demand the use of specific tools/models, we make sure to select and use the most productive and appropriate tool/model.

For example, Coaching comes with a wide variety of tools and models.

And at Ezramiah Mission, especially as a Christian-based entity, we have selected and use models developed by Professional Christian institutions/associations.